A Little Bit of Dropbear History

I was handed a d20 when I was nine. That was way back in the day. Australia sucked, and there are lots of things there that can kill you. Like dropbears. So my family moved.

We’ve been on the run through a lot of places since then. And I’ve gamed in them all. I don’t think I could name all the games I’ve played, and certainly not all the ones I’ve owned. There are some I didn’t have much fun with, and others that were rip-roaring blasts. Some are greedily clutched within my paws to this day, and others slipped through my grasp.

Right now, I’m reading up on Criticorum Discord, a dramabook for Fading Suns Revised produced by FASA Games. This will be the first book reviewed on my blog, and the FSR line to date will follow soon after.

Some time after I’ve digested these meals and spat them back out at you, I plan on moving on to a few other games. Specific reviews I’ll mention that are in the works are Shadowrun 5th Edition, Edge of the Empire, Dungeons & Dragons, Numenera, and 13th Age.

I realize that most of these reviews will not be in any sort of timely fashion, as all have been out for some time now. I’m playing catch-up. There’s a lot of years of running behind me.

In the meantime, I’m hungry, and Criticorum Discord awaits. Plates of tater tots would be a fine offering. Leave them outside my den. I’ll thank you later when I’m done reading.


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