Hello world!

This is my very first post. I clicked the Edit link and began to pound with stubby, grease-stained fingers…err, claws. I’d like to tell you about why I started this blog and what I plan to do with it. But all that was forgotten when the delicious scent of tater tots hit my sensitive nostrils.

You see, Dropbears like myself have long existed amongst you. Human flesh used to be considered a delicacy, until we were hunted to near-extinction by your overzealously whiny people who didn’t want to be eaten. Savored, really.

So we trained ourselves to blend in, to spread across your world unnoticed among our more common brethren. We ate other things besides humans for a change.  Some of us found joy in the finer fried potato delicacies your clever people created.

tater tot!

The Joy! Gimmah yer tots! Rrrraaaagghhhh!

Wait, no,..I have to remain calm. I have to reason with you people. I have to assimilate myself. Can’t you see that I am cute and fuzzy and cuddly? Don’t worry about those fangs, now.

What do I do, you might be asking yourself. Besides look cute and fuzzy and fang-laden. Dropbear does RPGs. That takes us to what I plan to do with this blog.

I will be offering reviews of fine publications (and perhaps some not-so-fine publications) that have fallen from the RPG tree before me.

And so, written upon eucalyptus leaves (for all you racists out there with your plant-eater jokes) in the blood of the fallen tater tot deniers, I present to you: When Dropbears Attack!


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