All Rolled Up Received!

I recently ordered some gaming accessories from All Rolled Up, and eagerly awaited their arrival. Their reputation for providing awesome gaming bags was one I’d heard before from many sources. I finally decided to bite the bullet and order from their shop.

I ordered the Basilisk Skin EX, a blue card box, a package of 10 wipable cards, a Staedtler fine point correctable pen, and a refill station for the pen. The order arrived about a week and a half after Fil had sent me an email about it going out Royal Airmail. I eagerly tore apart the box and checked the contents.  

 (Card box not pictured here)

Everything was there, and looked great! And it had arrived exactly on my game night, so I’d be able to show it all off.

The dice bag portion of the Basilisk Skin EX is absolutely perfect for a D&D player’s dice, being just large enough for two twenty sided dice, four six sided dice, a four sided die, an eight sided die, a twelve sided die, and two ten sided/percentile dice.

It’s a very handsome bag, indeed. I am most pleased. I packed four of the wipable cards into the card section of the roll up bag for initiative tracking, and random session notes. It is also possible to store spell cards for spellcasters in this card slot as well.

The wipable cards are also useful for PC information tracking from a DM’s standpoint. I don’t know if this would be my go-to for a DM’s bag, though. I am considering which of their awesome bags to order as my DM’s kitbag soon.

For a player’s kit, this is an awesome pice of swag! When I do order another bag from All Rolled Up, I’m certain it will make an equally awesome Dungeon Master’s bag. I have my eye on one of their Numenera bags as well.

I’d recommend these to anyone interested in something more than just a dice bag.



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