Dungeon Tiles!

I made a trek out to Carolina Comics, one of my top 3 gaming stores, this weekend. It’s a bit of a drive, but not quite as far as my very favorite, Third Planet

Anyway, I found something quite novel and interesting that I thought I’d share. Dungeon tiles…

These things are produced by Role4Initiative. If your game store doesn’t carry them, you should consider A.) telling them they need to or B.) go to the site and order them.

I love gaming mats and tiles that help add some perspective to a game, especially during combat. These 10″ squares come in packages of 9 tiles. There are 5″ squares available as well. They fit together quite nicely, and you can use dry erase markers to draw on them. 

You can draw out entire sections of a dungeon out, and connect them together as the player character group travels. Even better-they are double sided for GMs to draw tricks, traps, and secret doors to inflict upon the player characters, and keep them secret until the time is right. Instead of having to draw them in on a map when then are encountered, you just flip the tile over and BAM!

Pretty awesome.


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