Here’s a list of current campaigns that I am running or planning for various games.

With the new job, my days of running two games a week are probably over (or at least considerably slowed down).

Cagestruck! Banner

My Planescape adaptation for D&D 5e, on Thursday nights. The characters began their lives and adventuring careers in a Forgotten Realms campaign, where they defeated a druid instigating insanely violent owlbear attacks, and became known as the Heroes of Yartar.

They also uncovered and defeated the plot of a Dragon Cult to raise Tiamat from the Abyss. They confronted a leader of the cult in its attack upon the small town of Greenest, and became (briefly) known as the Heroes of Greenest.

Now, they have found themselves conjured to Sigil as the result of a bet between a sorcerer and an Archduke of Malbolge. They are Clueless, Cagestruck, and far from home…

With their extensive travels across the planes now concluded, the adventurers have discovered a portal home. But home is not the same anymore. The Dragon Cult has rampaged across the Sword Coast. Many of the cities and people they once knew have been destroyed. The lands have been razed. Only Waterdeep stands as a true bastion of freedom from the subjugation of the Cult and its evil mistress, Tiamat.

What will the adventurers do?

Cagestruck has been put on hold. We’re going to take it back up later, after a break for some Shadowrun. And a break in the training program for the new job.

ItSotLW BannerMy Eberron adaptation for 5e, on Monday nights. The characters are Cyran survivors of the Last War. They began their adventuring careers doing odd jobs for Prince Oargev of New Cyre. Their first job was to escort a House Orien courier carrying an important and potentially dangerous missive to Arcanix.

Their second (and current) job is to locate a group of lightning rail robbers, recover valuable Cyran treasures, and rescue a Brelish nobleman of some importance that is being held hostage, all to avoid what appears to be an attempt to instigate bad relations among the Brelish people and the survivors in New Cyre.

Many things have happened since the party’s second job. They have chased down treasures in a Goblin ruin deep in Breland. They have broken a rebellious faction of Darguun that sought to subvert the Lesh Haruuk. They have discovered and destroyed a weapon of frightening destructive capacity that may have been related to the death of Cyre. They have saved the life of Prince Oargev when threatened by a terrible poison of demonic origin. And now, they seek to uncover the truth behind a plot to kill King Boranel of Breland.

ECB BannerMy Shadowrun 5e campaign that recently concluded involved the usual gang of shoot-them-in-the-face-for-money ne’er-do-wells. These socially maladjusted street people of 2075 ended a five month run through a gauntlet of ‘runs to prove themselves worthy of Big Paychecks from Sarah Johnson, who took a personal interest in the team’s performance.

The team was persistently plagued by Aztechnology, as their technomancer was wanted by the AAA corp for various reasons that were never fully explored due to the campaign’s end. They also were sponsored on various ‘runs by a UCAS spook and a shifty professional criminal informant who caught wind of a variety of criminal organizations’ schemes. One of their favorite stops for shopping was a survivalist shop owned and operated by a CAS expatriate who founded his business as a gun-runner in Texas but moved to Seattle when the heat got a little close to him.

They concluded their run of jobs by taking on a job from the informant, and finding after the first of five tasks that had been lined up that they did not care for the jobs and found it possible they might be working counter to the interests of a feathered serpent named Henequen. The group parted ways, most returning to Seattle. The technomancer, whose value by Aztechnology was nearing 5 million nuyen, fled the country. One of the ex-military men in the group was attempting to follow her.

Wildside bannerA Shadowrun campaign in the making. We’ve barely begun this foray into the Sixth World on Thursday nights before I found my new job; it may be a bit before I can take up running it again.


The Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign I’m working on. Read my review of the game here. It’s grabbing more of my interest than D&D, and I hope to get the Monday night crew interested and involved.


My Cyberpunk campaign, a WIP.


My Fading Suns campaign, a WIP.